The Good Samaritan, Mary, and Martha

Today’s reading is Luke 10: 21-42

rootedchristToday we see one of the great parables of our faith, the good Samaritan.  So much here to unpack.  We see the priest and the Levite pass up the injured man, and we are critical of them.  I can’t believe they’d walk by a man half dead. But remember, according to the teachings of the Law, as religious leaders, going to Jerusalem to lead worship, they were forbidden from touching this man. They would have been unclean for many days and would have been prevented from doing their religious duty.  That’s not nothing.  That’s big deal.

We see the Samaritan come along and provide care, literally saving this man’s life.  He shows kindness, mercy, grace. But here’s the thing.  The Samaritan would have been looked down upon by the Jewish people, and honestly, the Samaritan would have looked down upon the Jewish people himself. They didn’t like him and he didn’t like them.  Yet he still showed mercy.

Showing mercy and kindness is never, ever wrong.  That is one of the many lessons this parable can teach us.

And we conclude with Mary and Martha.  It’s easy to get all over Martha for not sitting and listening to Jesus. But remember without Martha making dinner, no one eats.  Marthas are essential in life. But Martha must always remember her worth comes not from doing, but it comes from Jesus. And Mary must treasure her time with Jesus. But there also comes a time when she must help her sister out.

Remember though, our primary function, our primary duty, is to spend time at Jesus’ feet. Everything else flows from that.

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