My Essays

This is a quick look at some of the essays I’ve written about various things happening in the church, in my life, or in the world at large

Things That We Hold in Common; Things That Make Us Unique

 Real Life (The Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Written)

 On Suicide, Depression, and Heaven

Be Who You Want Them to Be

Asking the Wrong Questions

A Wasted Year

Why I’m a Methodist


The Confessions of Extrovert

Speechless and Overwhelmed

The Ghosts of Ole Miss, Race, and the South

A Wesleyan Appreciation of Calvinism

Chik-Fil-A and Society

What Facebook can Mean for the Church

My Thoughts on May 21, 2011 Not Being the End of the World

Bragging on Asbury

Budgets, Church, and Change


Dry Spells and Voices

Being a Pastor versus Being a Son