Today’s reading is Luke 11: 1-28

rootedchristToday’s readings have two basic sections, one dealing with prayer and one dealing with spiritual warfare.  Let’s take a minute to look at each.

First He talks about prayer.  In that, He gives us the great prayer of our faith, the Lord’s Prayer.  We see this prayer a guide to our prayer life.  Our prayer life focus upon God, His holiness and the worship of Him. Our prayer life is not about us, ultimately, it is about our communion with God.   It is also about God giving us what we need daily.  We are dependant upon Him for our provisions, for our strength, for our everything.  This prayer reminds us.

The next passage dealing with prayer is a beautiful reminder of how much we should pray.  I love this reminder that if we, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will our perfect Father know how to give good gifts to us.  As a parent, there is nothing more I want for my children than for them to grow, to become kind, good people who love God and their neighbor.  If I am imperfect, and I would do anything for my children to have what they need, how much more will our perfect Father desire these things for us. God really loves us.

The next sections deal with spiritual warfare.  As I tell my Bible Studies when we talk about such things, I love the notion by CS Lewis in The Screwtape Letters – we can focus too much or too little on the devil.  He’s happy with each option.  In this passage, we are reminded that there is evil. There are evil forces at work. They are stronger than us. But they are not stronger than Jesus.  Do not forget that. Do not think that evil is greater than our Savior. Do not fear.  Do not worry.  Jesus is greater than the evil we face. Trust in Him. And He will lead us.

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