Light and Dark

Today’s reading is Romans 13: 11-14

rootedchristLight and darkness are always big Biblical themes.  We see it in creation. We see it in the Gospels, especially in John. We see these themes all across scripture.  Today we see choices for how we should live our lives.  We can (and should) wake from our sleep, and live in the light.  Living in the light means being led by the Spirit of God.  Seeking His will, His purpose, His plan above all else. This is the path in our life that leads to life.

To live in the darkness is live controlled by our passions and desires.  This path may look appealing and may look like the way that we should walk, but it simply isn’t.  Being led by our passions is not a life where we submit ourselves to the spirit of God, it is a life where we live untethered, doing only what we want, living only as we would like and not seeking to love God and others. That’s the result of the Christian life, to love others and love God. That’s hard and can only be done through the power of the Spirit.  If we are living by our passions (darkness) and not the Spirit (light), we’ll never have the strength to fully love God or neighbor. Which is what our faith is leading us to.

Today, let’s live in the light, not in the dark.

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