Do You Follow Jesus?

Today’s reading is Romans 14: 1-12

rootedchristNot judging others is hard.  Today in this text, we see division among the church among the Jewish and Gentile believers. That was the conflict among dates and what you should eat.  Some Christians felt like certain things were ok to eat, others did not.  This had become a very big division in the church, how should this be handled.  We see it play out through many of Paul’s letters.  These early Christians struggled with what this faith should look like.

And everyone had strong opinions.  They all believed that their perspective on food and drink and festivals was right.  So Paul says, don’t judge fellow believers.  If they want to eat or not eat something that isn’t the point of our faith.  What is the point?  Being saved by grace through faith and following Jesus.  Loving others and loving God.  Not what we eat.

For us today, this remains true.  What doesn’t matter is how you worship.  What church you go to.  What class you are part of. What Bible you read.  Things like that that often we Christians can make a really big deal of aren’t that important. What matters is this.  Do you love Jesus?  Do you follow Jesus?  Do you submit your life to Him? That’s it. That’s what matters.

Today, let’s focus on what matters.  And let’s not judge on the rest.

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