Two Brothers

Today’s reading is Luke 15: 11-32

rootedchristThis is a parable that you know so well, the prodigal son.  There is so much that we can unpack about the prodigal.  His selfishness, he basically told his dad that he wished his father would hurry up and die so that he could have his inheritance.  This would have been an appalling thing for anyone to say.  This son did about the worst thing that anyone could have done in his day.  We see his gluttony and greed in how he spends his families possessions.  We see his shame and how far he fell, to even feeding pigs. We see the grace of the father in accepting his son back.  We see much here.

But, this prodigal is not the only son that gets lost along the way within this parable. We see the older brother as well.  He gets lost in his anger, and resentment at the younger. He was so mad at the younger that he could not rejoice that he returned home.  He was resentful and angry and judgmental.  And he could not be happy about the lost one’s return.

Today. Where do we find ourselves in this text?  Are we the younger in need of the grace to return home?  Or are we the older in need of the grace of forgiveness?

Notice this, though.  The Father loved both sons.  The prodigal and the older.  His love was wide enough for both.  Just as His love is wide enough for you, today.

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