Light or Darkness

Today’s reading is John 3: 1-21

rootedchristHere is another passage that is so very familiar to us.  There are a couple of things that I want you to notice in this text.  Notice when Nicodemus comes to Jesus.  At night.  In John’s Gospel, light and dark are very significant and important themes.  Jesus operates in the light, those that oppose Him work in the night.  So, it is crucial that Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night.  This is showing that he comes to Jesus, not fully knowing or understanding. But as he learns more and more, we see him become a child of the light.

Jesus speaks of the new birth. We are to be born again. There are moments in our lives, where we make a direct choice to follow Jesus. To choose to reject the darkness and follow Him.  To be born again. To be renewed, reborn in the power of the Holy Spirit. For some of us, there are definitive moments and markers where this happens. For others, it is more of a gradual process.  But, we all must come to Jesus.

We see who God loves – the world. Everyone. John 3:16 shows God’s heart.  He loves the world.  Everyone.  And anyone who believes will not perish but will have everlasting life. Jesus came to save the world.  Full stop. That is what He came for. And all who believe will know that salvation.

We also see that he came to judge the world, but save it. But this is the judgment.  Light came, and people chose darkness over light.  It goes back to that choice.

Today, what do we choose to do?  Do we choose to follow the light?  Or the darkness?  The choice is ours.

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