Ignoring Jesus

Today’s reading is Matthew 25: 31-46

rootedchristAs I mentioned earlier this week, this is one of those passages that haunts me.  Let me tell you why.  If we take the Bible seriously, if we take it literally, when we read this passage, you know what it tells us?  How we treat the poor, the prisoner, the sick, the naked, the hungry, how we treat the least of these among us, it will have some impact upon our eternity.  I don’t understand it fully, I know that we are saved by grace through faith, lest no one can boast.  I believe that, and I know that. But when we read this passage, ti also makes it clear to us that how we treat the poor will have some impact upon our eternity.

The first parable talked about being awake. Are we awake to see Jesus in our midst through the poor?  Or do we miss Him?  The second parable talked about using our resources.  Do we use our resources to most benefit those in need?  Or do we use it only for ourselves? These two parables were getting us ready for this passage.

I don’t know how it works. But as we have done to the least of these, so have we done unto Jesus.  This keeps me up because I know that I don’t do enough.  I know that I don’t. I know that I could do.  But I am afraid.  Or busy.  Or unwilling.  And when I have not done unto the least of this, I have not done unto Jesus.

I don’t want to let us off easy on this passage.  I want us to wrestle with it.  To think about it, to think through it.  How have we not done to the least of these?  How have we ignored Jesus?  We see here, scripture tells us our purpose and our calling with those in need. To treat them as we would do Jesus.

Through His grace, may we find the ability and power to do so.

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