Fear Makes Cowards of Us All

Today’s reading is Matthew 25: 14-30

rootedchristToday we read the parable of the talents.  These slaves are given talents (sums of money worth more than 15 years worth of wages for a laborer) by their master.  What will they do with them?  The first two take these talents and double them and the master is very proud of them. The last, out of fear, buries that talent so that he will not lose it.  He is afraid of the wrath of the master, he is afraid of what would happen if he tried something and didn’t work.

Fear made a coward out of him, made him afraid to try something big, something new, something, anything for the master.

Fear has a way of making cowards of us all, doesn’t it?  We know what we should do for God. We know that He had entrusted us with our own “talents,” and how often do we truly use them for God?  How often do we use what God has given us? We may be afraid to step out.  To try.  To attempt to be faithful. Once again, fear makes us a coward.

Today, don’t be afraid.  If you have something good in your life, use it boldly and with joy for Jesus.  Love.  Give. Serve.  Be the difference maker that Jesus would have you be.  Use your resources and your talents for God.  And just see what He will do with it.

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