Kicking Against the Goads

Today’s reading is Acts 26: 1-18

rootedchristPaul’s telling of his conversion in this chapter has one of my favorite lines in scripture. Jesus asked Paul why he kicks against the goads.  Goads were sharp, pointed objects that the Romans would put just off the edge of the roads they build, there were there to keep the horses on the road, this kept them going straight. For us, they were kind of like those indentions on the side of the interstate, when you drive over them they are loud and bumpy, thus telling you to get back on the road.  Goads served that purpose, but they were sharp and would hurt to step on. But they were there to keep you going straight.

Paul kicked against them.  God had a plan for him that was good, but Paul was kicking against it.  how many of us do that same thing?  How many of us kick against God’s best plan for us?  Even though it is for our good, how many of us push back against what God wants for us, dreams for us, hope for us.  Paul kicked against the goads. So do we.  When Paul gave himself over to God, great things happened. He found life, joy, and peace.

May the same be true for us today.

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