The First Shall Be Last

Today’s reading is Acts 25: 23-27

rootedchristToday we see the royal family come in with great pomp and circumstance.  They were very powerful in their day. They had fame, money, and everything that one could want.  Yet today, how are they remembered?  As bit players in Paul’s story. They now are just one of the many that Paul shared the good news of Jesus with.  They looked great and mighty at that moment. But that was not the totality of their story.

So is it for us today.  This moment is not the end of our story or any story. Those in power now, many not be latter. Those that are weak now may not be later. Jesus said that last shall be first and first shall be last. Don’t worry about all that. Worry about follow Jesus. He will take care of the rest.  Paul followed Jesus. That was all that matter.

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