Waiting on the Lord

Today’s reading is Acts 24: 24-27

rootedchristGoodness, I hate to wait.  I am so impatient.  I hate waiting at red lights.  I hate waiting at elevators.  I hate waiting anywhere I have to wait.  I get frustrated.  It is the worst.  Now, look at Paul.  For two years he had been kept waiting.  And his waiting wasn’t even for a good reason, Felix was hoping for a bribe. But Paul waited. He wrote letters to his churches.  He knew what was coming.  He got ready. He prayed.  He worked.  He ministered to those that were close and those that were far away.

Yes, Paul waited, but Paul didn’t waste his time.  Even in his waiting, he worked.  Even in his waiting, he served.  Even in his waiting, he was used by God.  Even though Felix wanted a bribe, Paul still preached.  Paul waited.  Paul was faithful.

Today, if you are waiting for something, be faithful.  Don’t give up. God is not done. God has much to do.  Hope.  Pray. Work.  Serve.  Even while you wait.  Paul waited on the Lord. And the Lord was faithful.  May we do the same.

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