In Remembrance

Today’s reading is Luke 22: 1-23

rootedchristToday we see Luke’s account of the giving of the Lord’s Supper.  I am struck by so much within this text. But you know what strikes me most often?  Jesus’ command to do this in remembrance of Him.  If we aren’t careful, we will read this like the words of invitation to a funeral. But that, to me, is not what is going on.  Jesus tells us that this was given for our forgiveness.  His body.  His blood. They were given so we could be forgiven.

And so He says.  Remember.  Communion is an opportunity to remember just how much we are loved.  It is a chance for us to remember the lengths that Jesus would go to save us, to redeem us, to restore us.  It is Jesus’ physical reminder of His love of us.

Do this in remembrance of me.

Remember His love.  Remember His grace.  Remember His passion. This is not a somber remembrance, but a joyful one.

Have you ever felt unloved?  Have you ever taken communion?  If so, then remember just how loved you are. That bread, that juice, they remind us.

We are loved.  Never forget that. Remember.

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