Not So With You

Today’s reading is Luke 22: 24-46

rootedchristThere are phrases in Scripture that always speak to me.  It may not be something long and lofty, it may be something small and quiet.  Today’s reading has one such phrase to me.  It’s in the first story we read. Jesus is talking to His disciples about true greatness.  He tells them that in the world greatness comes from benefactors and authority and such.  Greatness comes from wealth and power.

But then He says that small phrase – “but not so with you.”

In the world, greatness comes from power.  But not so for us.  Not so for Christians.  Our greatness comes from serving others.  Our greatness is not shown by power or possessions or anything like that.  Our greatness is shown by our capacity to serve.  The world shows greatness with the things of the world.  Not so for us.  We show greatness by our ability to serve others.

A couple of other interesting points, we see the notion of a sword within these readings, this is because Jesus demands that we make a choice.  Follow Him.  Or not.  But we will have to choose, and that will create division and conflict.  We must choose to follow or not.

And we see with Him praying in the garden, as much as the humanness of Jesus did not want the cross, He submitted to the will of His Father.  Even Jesus submitted to the Father.  If Jesus did this, submitted His will to the Father, shouldn’t we each?

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