Judges 2: 11-23 – The Judges

This week we have been looking at  Judges 2: 11-23.  This passage lays the groundwork for the coming of the judges throughout the rest of this book.  Today, I want to take a few moments to tell you about some of these judges: 

Ehud – he was a left-handed judge, which would have been very unusual in that culture.  God uses him to free the people.  

Deborah – a virtuous judge and lead, probably the most moral and upstanding person in the entire book.  We see through her that God uses all people, male and female, in leadership. 

Gideon – he is afraid the entire time. God sends him into battle with a small army so that God alone will receive the glory. 

Jephthah – he has faith and makes a vow, but it is a foolish, foolish vow.  Because of this, he has to sacrifice his daughter.  Yes, he has faith, but he is too impulsive. 

Sampson – perhaps the “worst” hero in all scripture, nearly act recorded shows his pride and arrogance.  Yet, God still uses him to bring freedom. 

As we see here, much as we’ve seen throughout this entire study, God uses imperfect people.  Each person here has something that is either an actual imperfection (Sampson, etc) or would be seen by some within that culture as an imperfect (Ehud and even Deborah). But God uses all who are willing to be used, no matter what imperfections they (or others) may feel as though they have.  Today, all God to use you. Through that, others will know and experience God’s freedom and power! 

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