Judges 2: 11-23 – The World in Front of the Text

Today we will finish looking at  Judges 2: 11-23.  Today I want us to talk about the cycle that the people went through and our lives can do the very same.  

As we’ve said, this entire book is a story of cycles – freedom, sin, slavery, crying out, delivery, freedom. Lather, rinse, repeat.  It happens over and over again throughout judges.  And it is the story of our lives as well.  We go through much the same.  

We’ll have moments where we are faithful. Then, something will happen, maybe not even bad, but we’ll take our eyes off God. Then we’ll look up months later and realize we’ve not been reading the bible.  Or praying.  Or participating in worship.  Or serving.  

It wasn’t like we planned to take a break from God.  It just kind of happened.  

Here is the good news of Judges.  Every time the people cried out, the Lord delivered them.  Yes, they wandered away.  Yes, they got in trouble.  Yes, things got bad.  It happened over and over again. But each time, each time they cried out, the Lord freed them. 

Today, no matter where we find ourselves if we cry out to our God, He will free us.  He has promised.  And He is always true to His promise.  

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