What is Your Calling?

Today’s reading is Acts 14: 20-28

rootedchristPaul and Barnabas are moving. They are going; they are working. They have a mission, and they keep that primary. They keep going and doing what God had called them to. They were focused on Him and His calling.  That’s a great example for us.  We’ve all got a mission today, to love God and love our neighbor. That’s every Christian’s mission.  We are all called to love of God and neighbor.

But we’ve all got a specific mission today as well. There is something that God has called you to. There is something that God has called me to. That is our mission, to be faithful to that calling, no matter what it is.  I see Paul moving like that, so much, so fast, and I am glad that is not my calling. But I am thankful that I was Paul’s calling.  My calling is to be a local pastor within the United Methodist Church. That’s my calling.  What is yours?  We each need to live into that calling.

Today, what are you called to?  How are you doing with it?  Are you following that calling?  Are you being faithful to that calling?  Today, let’s follow wherever it is that God has called us. As we do that, we will find amazing life.

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