Don’t Buy the Hype

Today’s reading is Act 14: 1-19

rootedchristToday is one of my favorite passages in scripture.  In this passage, Paul heals someone, and the people of the town believe that he and Barnabas believe that they are their gods come down to earth.  Paul says no, they are simply men. They are not gods. There is only one God, and they are servants of the most high, but know this, they are not gods.

We want to deify people. We want to make people our saviors.  No human died for your sins. No preacher died for your sins.  No podcaster or authored died for your sin.  Only Jesus.  Only Jesus.  Never forget that.  So, today, if you are making another person God, even if they are amazing, remember that. They are human, just like you.  They are not God. They are human.

If you are a leader, and people are going to place you on a pedestal.  Don’t let them.  Never think of yourself as more than you ought.  It’s easy for us all to buy the hype.  Don’t do it.  Know that we are simply arrows pointing to heaven.  We are the arrow; God is the object.  Our job is to point to Him, not to us.  Let us never get that backward.  Paul understood this. May we also.

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