March 8, 2023 – Jeremiah 2: 11-13 – Cracked Cisterns

Today we’ll look at Jeremiah 2: 11-13:

11  Has a nation changed its gods, even though they are no gods? But my people have changed their glory for something that does not profit. 12  Be appalled, O heavens, at this; be shocked; be utterly desolate, says the Lord, 13  for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and dug out cisterns for themselves, cracked cisterns that can hold no water.

In Jeremiah 2, we see the prophet given his command from God for what he is to do. He is to preach, but his words to Israel would not always be soft words. Now, yes, there are passages that are of great encouragement to the people, but this opening call from God is not one that is easy to hear.

But I think it is important for us to hear because it can help us determine how we live. God tells Jeremiah to give this word – they have exchanged the true, living water of God for cracked cisterns that cannot hold water.

That is a powerful image to me. A cistern was an essential thing in that time, for in a desert land, there had to be something to catch and keep what little rainwater they had. A cistern was necessary for life.

So, a cracked cistern would be the absolute worst thing because a cracked cistern would look like it gave life, but in fact, was a lie. It was empty, and it would eventually cause your doom. That, friends, is what sin is.

That friends, is what temptation is. It looks like it will give you life, but it will destroy you.

God is living water. He is life. He is truth. He is what truly matters. In Him, we find our life. Do not exchange living water for a cracked cistern.

Do not exchange living water for a lie.

Temptation is a lie. Temptation looks life-giving, but it is a lie. It is a cracked cistern. It will not give you life. Don’t believe that it will. Temptation is a cracked cistern.

See it for what it is. It is not the way of life but of death.

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