March 6, 2023 – Hebrews 5: 1-4 – Grace and Imperfection

Today we’ll look at Hebrews 5: 1-4:

1 Every high priest chosen from among mortals is put in charge of things pertaining to God on their behalf, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins. 2 He is able to deal gently with the ignorant and wayward, since he himself is subject to weakness, 3 and because of this he must offer sacrifice for his own sins as well as for those of the people. 4 And one does not presume to take this honor but takes it only when called by God, just as Aaron was.

Hebrews is such an interesting book in the Bible, it delves so deep into Jewish tradition and teaching, and it ties so many things together in the person and in the message of Jesus Christ.  Through Hebrews, we see how Jesus really is the fulfillment of the Old Testament and all the law and teachings.  It is truly a wonderful book to tie everything together in that way. 0

But as I was reading, I was struck by the way that the (human) high priest was described. Chapter five shows us that Jesus is the perfect high priest for us, but look what is said in verse two.  He is able to deal gently with others because he is subject to weakness.  

As Protestants, we believe in the Priesthood of all Believers; in other words, all of us have direct access to God, and we do not have to go through any other person. Revelation 5:10 tells us that we are all a kingdom of priests to serve God.  In other words, we all have a priestly role in our faith; we all have access to God.  God’s access is not only for the select few but for us all. We all have that priestly access.  

So, we should have that same spirit of gentleness with the weak in our lives because we, too, are subject to weakness. Our weakness will show itself in different ways, but we all have it. As I’ve heard it say, we all got something. 

And if I want you to show me mercy when I mess up, I need to show you mercy when you mess up. We will all mess up. We will all fall down.  We will all fail.  It’s part of the human condition.  Weakness is a universal human condition.  

So, today, let’s make that gentleness, let’s make that grace, a condition of ours.  These priests knew they were imperfect, so they should show to other imperfect people. 

Today, if we believe that we are imperfect, let’s do the same.  Let’s show grace to other imperfect people.  

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One thought on “March 6, 2023 – Hebrews 5: 1-4 – Grace and Imperfection

  1. Missed you last week, Andy. Hope you are adjusting with peace, to this season in your family’s life. Praying for you.

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