Friday Reflections – Matthew 25: 31-46 – What Can We Do?

This week we’re going to be looking at a passage that has both formed me and given me much need for self-reflection. The passage is Matthew 25: 31- 46

Today I’d like to talk about some ways and places that you can help the least among us.  First and foremost you can be faithful to your local church.  If your church is like St. Matthew’s I’m sure it has a variety of ways and places that it uses to help those in need.  Here at St. Matthew’s, we have the John Wesley fund to help with benevolence needs and the Jubilee Fund to help with larger needs.  

In the Jackson metro area, there are many different places you can turn to help at this time. I’m going list a few with links for more information: 


Stewpot Ministry 

Shower Power

Why Not Now? 

Salvation Army 

In your local town, I know there will be a variety of places to help.  I also want to encourage you to be faithful to what the Holy Spirit leads you to do.  I will not give money, but I will buy groceries or food for anyone who asks.  If the Spirit leads you to give money, do it.  

The thing that I think that is important, is to first, recognize the humanity of the sick, the hungry, the homeless, the prisoner. Jesus died for them in the same way he did for each of us.  He loves them in the same way that He does all of us.  We need to recognize their humanity. 

Second, just do something.  The thing that God has not called us to do is nothing.  It doesn’t matter to me what you do.  Just do something.  

And I want to put in a final plug for my friend Rev. Greg Hazelrig and his ministry, Matthew 25 Ministries. He goes into downtown Memphis each week and takes food and all manner of supplies to those in need.  If you live around the Memphis area, or wherever you get this message, if you are looking to help, I know you can’t go wrong there. 

But no matter where, as sheep, we are called to be faithful. As I’ve said, this passage seems to indicate that how we treat the poor will have some impact upon our eternity.  Let’ be faithful. 

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