God is Always at Work

Today’s reading is Acts 7: 1-20

rootedchristWe see in today’s reading is the beginning of Stephen’s sermons before the religious leaders. We see that he has been arrested and is drug before them.  Here, he begins to preach.  His intent is to show that Jesus is King and Lord.  So, what does he do to make this point?  He begins and goes through Israel’s history.  He reminds them about Abraham, about Issac, about Jacob, about all the Patriarchs.

Why?  Why does he retell their story?  He is grounding the story of Jesus within the history of his people.  Jesus is not a new thing that God has done, but Jesus is the culmination of all that God has done throughout the Old Testament.

As Christians, the Old Testament is our story.  It is a story of faith.  Of seeking God.  Of following Him. Of responding through faith.  This is our story.

We are also reminded that God is always at work.  He was working through the patriarchs.  He is working through Jesus.  He is working through the church.  He is always at work.  Trust in Him.  Even when His plan may not make sense.  Even when things are unsure.  Even when it may not make sense.

Trust in Him.  His plan will unfold for our good and for His glory. Even if it doesn’t make sense.

God is always at work.

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