John, Mary, and God’s Plan

rootedchristIn the media world, there is something called a simulcast.  That’s when the same content is broadcast in two different places.  This year, I’m going to attempt to do that with my daily devotionals and St. Matthew’s Rooted in Christ daily scripture reading.  This year in Rooted in Christ we will be slowly walking through different books of the Bible: Luke, Acts, Romans, the several Psalms, as well as some of my favorite chapters in the Bible.  With each day’s readings, we also share a daily reading guide.  I’m going to make each day’s reading guide that day’s daily devotional as well.  You can see each week’s readings on our website, and you can also follow along on our mobile app.

Today’s reading is Luke 1: 1-38.

One of the things I love most about God’s plan is that is it always at work.  Things are not just random happenstance with God.  He is always at work, something is always happening.  Even if we can’t see it or don’t understand it, God is always working.  We see that today with the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist.  This would be the “Elijah” that would go before the Messiah.  He would be the one that would point others to Jesus.  He would be the one that would get things ready for Jesus.

Think about that for a second.  That was John’s job.  That was his purpose.  To point others to Jesus.  It was not going to be about himself; his life never was.  He was the one that would get things ready for Jesus.  He was placed upon the earth to point others to Jesus.

So are you and I.  That is our purpose.  That is our mission.  That is the point of it all.  Now, there are other things that are going to seek to pull us away from Jesus, but our lives, everything about us, is to point others to Jesus.  That’s it.

When we do that, we find a purpose that we don’t find, can’t find, anywhere else.

Another interesting and powerful thing we find in today’s reading is Mary’s response.  She has been given this amazing, as well as life-changing news.  She is going to be “Theotokos,” in Greek, the Mother of God.  She is going to bear Jesus, the one that is fully God and fully human.  The one who would die to save the people from their sins and rise to restore the people to life.  This is the pinnacle of God’s plan.

Can you imagine getting this news?  Not only that but how it would affect her soon to be marriage to Joseph?  Her family?  Her reputation?  Everything.  Yet, look at her answer.  It is that beautiful, simple answer of faith.  Let it be unto me according to your word.

Wow.  What an answer.  What faith.  What trust.  What an example for us.  Today may that be that response in whatever we are facing.  Let it be unto me according to your word.  May we have that faith, like Mary, to trust, even when we don’t understand.

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