Commitment, Healing, and Dreaming

581086_382241601814983_555317416_nSpeechless.  That’s something hard for me to be.  I am very rarely at a loss for words.  But that’s where I am right now.  Speechless.

This past Sunday we had our time of renewal and commitment here at St. Matthew’s.  We reaffirmed our Baptism and made our ministry and financial commitments.  And y’all, it may have been the most amazing response I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to give you a brief update, and then let you know this.  We need you!

Sunday, we had 137 financial commitment cards returned, an increase of 37% from our initial commitment Sunday last year.  Our initial pledged support was up nearly 50% from last year and of those cards that were returned 70% of those that that renewed their commitment increased that commitment.  And over the past year we have 93 new individuals or families that have given to our church.

We also had 64 cards returned making ministry commitments.  New commitments were made to serve in youth, children, evangelism, so many different ministries here at our church.  It was truly amazing to see and experience what God did in worship this past Sunday!

One of the questions that someone asked me is what is my vision for our church?  I said Sunday that’s kind of hard right now; we are still hanging up pictures at our home; we are still figuring it all out.  But I will tell you this, my vision is not a vision that is programmatic.  My vision is not about necessarily what we do.  It’s about who we are.  My vision is a word I couldn’t get out my head this past week.


We are called as a church to be about healing. There are children in our community that are terrified because their mom and dad won’t stop fighting. And they need healing.

There are youth that are giving into peer pressure, doing anything that they can do to feel loved.  And they need healing.

There are older adults that are looking for a reason to just go on living. And they need healing.

There are families that are one light breeze away from falling apart. And they need healing.

There are people that are spending money they don’t have to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like, all for a sense of worth. And they need healing.

The healing we all need, the cure of our souls is Jesus. He is the source of healing in our church, our community, our world.  We all need His healing grace. And we are called to agents of that healing to a world and community in need of healing.  The world and our community are not in need of programs or religion but in need of the healing of Jesus Christ.  That’s our call.

And we need you.  We really do.  To do this, to be this agent of healing, we need everyone connected, plugged in, giving, serving, being faithful. What a great response we had this past week.  But we need everyone.

Imagine what we can do.  Imagine what can happen.  Imagine the difference it can make.  Imagine.

And we can do it.  We can.  Together.  As one.  Unified.  Living out His healing grace.

There is still time to turn in your commitment cards if you haven’t. There will be more available at the church.

We need you.  The kingdom needs you.  And we can do it. Together, as one we can do it.

May God be glorified in all that happens in this place!

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