Something Beautiful

Hey, y’all, remember me?

Sorry I didn’t post any last week. Somehow I did something to my wrist and it made it hard for me to type.  I tried to type a little last Monday and it just hurt too bad. So, I took a week off from typing (nearly killed me!) and now I’m all better!

So, it’s all back to normal now!

One of the passages I was reading this morning was Isaiah 48.  In this passage, God talking about the sufferings the people had face, based off their sin.

He had told them before, if they break the covenant, if they wander from Him, trials and troubles would come. If they did the things He had warned them not to do, they would be punished.

And, as He knew they would, they did. The people worshiped idols, they wandered far away from God. They were now seeing everything they loved destroyed.  They were losing it all.

In our lives, there are times when our lives seem to be falling apart.  There are times when it seems like nothing is going right.

When everything we hold dear seems to be taken from us.

There are trails, there are troubles, there is hurt.

Life can be very, very, hard.

Listen to what God says in Isaiah 48 this morning:

10 I have refined you, but not as silver is refined.
Rather, I have refined you in the furnace of suffering.

These trials are like a fire.  They will, if we allow, purify us.

They will, if we allow, draw us closer to God.

They will, if we allow, turn our lives in to something beautiful.

The process of refining God is not easy, and it puts the gold through the fire. But, it comes pure and beautiful.

So will you.  Through your trials and troubles, if, in the midst of them, you allow God to work, you will too.

He will turn this into something beautiful. If we will let Him.

Today, may we let God do His work in our lives!

Days of Trouble

I had a conversation with someone this week about our calling to God in hard times.

It seems like, and I believe it to be so, that there are two “types” of walks with God.

Type one is that one that has a good walk when things are good and smooth, but the trouble comes when there are rough seas and things are hard. The tough times try the faith and sometimes they wander away at that moment.

Perhaps that is you. Perhaps the tough time cause you to stray.

The other is actually drawn closer to God during times of trial, but the smooth road is tough to walk upon. The hard times make them cling close to God, but when things are smooth and calm, it’s easy to fall away.

That’s more how I’m wired.

Either way, there are times when we feel far away from God, no matter what is going on. There are times in our lives that are days of trouble.

Listen to the words of Psalm 50 this morning:

Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving
and make good your vows to the Most High.
Call upon me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you shall honor me.”

No matter when your trouble comes, be it a time of testing, or a time when things are “easy” God is there.  God is waiting on you to turn to Him.  To come to Him. To rest upon Him.

God is waiting on you today.

In this day, in this moment, God is waiting on you.

Will you turn to Him today, no matter trouble you are facing.

God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.  Today, no matter what you weakness is, will you turn to Him?