He Delights

Someone once said that we should read 3 Psalms and 1 Proverbs a day, and it will really enrich our life and our faith.

I don’t quite do that, but I do try to spend some time in the Psalms each day, and each day something different or new jumps out at me.

Something that I didn’t see before. Something that was unexpected.

Today, I was reading though part of Psalm 18, where the Psalmist writes this:

20 He brought me out into an open place; *
he rescued me because he delighted in me.

The part that just really spoke to me today is the reason why God rescued the Psalmist, why He rescues us . . .

He delights in me.   He delights in you.  He delights in each of us.

That same joy, that same just awesome rush you feel towards your kids, your grandkids, those in your life that you love, that’s the exact same way God feels towards you right now.

Except more so. God delights in you. God loves you.  God takes pleasure in you.

You are His prized possession.  You are His treasured creation.  You are His joy.

He delights in you.

And because of that, He will rescue you.

Rejoice in that. God  Delights in you.  No matter what’s happening, what has happened, what will happen.

God delights in you today.  Live with that knowledge.