The Armor of God – The Devil

Yesterday we looked at Ephesians 6: 10-20 and talked about how we have an enemy, but that enemy is not a person; it is the devil. So today, we’ll look at a few verses of scripture that relate to the devil.  

What does scripture tell us about the devil? 

He was a fallen angel who rebelled against God – Revelation 12: 1-17  

He longs to destroy us – John 10:10 

He can be resisted – James 4:7 – 

He will be defeated – Revelation 20: 7-10

His defeat is certain from the very beginning – Genesis 3:15

Here is what you need to know big picture about the devil. He is not God’s equal. He is a created being. He is an angel who rebelled and fell. He is more powerful than us, sure, but he is not God’s equal.  

He is not all-powerful, or all-present, or all-knowing. He is one being. Now, yeah, he has other fallen angels (demons), but he is not God’s equal. He will be defeated in the end by God. He exists, yes. He is strong, yes. We need to stand against him, yes. And this passage in Ephesians will show us how. The Armor of God will show us how. 

Know your enemy. Stand strong against Him in the Lord. And he will feel. God will be victorious. Stand strong; do not fear. God wins.  

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