March 11, 2022 – Review of Mark

Yesterday we finished the Gospel of Mark. We’ll start another book together in our Rooted in Christ daily readings next Monday.  But today as we finish Mark I just wanted to take a moment and talk about what I think is so significant about Mark’s Gospel. We saw a little bit of that yesterday.  

Immediately. That is the call of Mark.  Move and move with purpose.  All we have is this day, this moment.  We can’t, we shouldn’t waste this moment God has given us. Move forward with an immediate purpose.  

The reason why Jesus moved like that is that He had a mission to live out and live forward. The reason we move with purpose is because of His purpose.  He is Lord.  When we know that Jesus is Lord and His Lordship we move forward with confidence because our purpose and our identity is not found in ourselves. 

It is found in Him. 

What is He calling you to today? Where is He calling you to be faithful?  What is His mission for you today?  

Do it.  Be unafraid.  Be faithful.  Follow.  Obey.  Jesus is Lord. Today, in whatever mission He has for you, do it with joy, with purpose, and with hope.  

Jesus is Lord.  Nothing else matters. 

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