Monday Reflections – February 15, 2021 – Remember

Click here to watch my video reflection on our text for today, or keep reading for my written reflections: 

Today as one of our readings, we look at Deuteronomy 6: 10-15

10 When the Lord your God has brought you into the land that he swore to your ancestors, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give you—a land with fine, large cities that you did not build, 11 houses filled with all sorts of goods that you did not fill, hewn cisterns that you did not hew, vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant—and when you have eaten your fill, 12 take care that you do not forget the Lord, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. 13 The Lord your God you shall fear; him you shall serve, and by his name alone you shall swear. 14 Do not follow other gods, any of the gods of the peoples who are all around you, 15 because the Lord your God, who is present with you, is a jealous God. The anger of the Lord your God would be kindled against you and he would destroy you from the face of the earth.

Today we look at Deuteronomy 6.  Deuteronomy is one of my favorite books in the Bible.  It is the “second giving” of the Law.  If you remember from the Old Testament, the Law is given in Exodus and Leviticus. The people are getting to go over into the Promised Land. The spies are sent over, but the people lose faith and they do not follow God’s command; they do no go into the Promised Land. Because of that, they are punished and will wander for 40 years in the wilderness.  This first generation will die off, and their children will be the ones to take the Promised Land.  This second giving of the Law is to the children.  It isn’t just enough that the parents were in covenant with God. The children must be as well. This was their covenant with God.  

Now, the children are getting ready to enter into the Promised Land and the Lord has this command for them. Remember.  They are going to possess cities they did not build, gardens they did not plant, cisterns they did not build.  When they gain all of this, do not forget the Lord.  

It is easy to turn to God in times of trial.  What about in times of plenty?  It is easy when we gain the victory to think that we are the cause of our victory.  Today we told to remember.  Remember the Lord. Every victory, every success, everything we have in life that is good originates with God.  God is always the first actor with every blessing we have. 

It is easy to forget God when it is easy when the victory is won. Today, we told, remember. Remember the Lord your God, He has provided the victory, He has provided the blessing, He has provided life. 

Remember.  Remember the Lord. Especially in the times of victory.  Not by our hand. Always by His.  

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