Luke 4: 16-22 – Jubilee

Click here to watch my video reflection on our text for today, or keep reading for my written reflections: 

This week we are looking at Luke 4: 16-21.  Today we’re talking about the Old Testament concept of Jubilee. If you remember when the Israelites crossed over Jordan into the promised land each tribe was given an application land. Like any people they could then sell their land or trade their land are loser land. We see individuals such as Jeremiah purchasing land throughout scripture. It was a common Affair and that day. However, in the Old Testament Covenant, there was a concept called The Year of Jubilee when property was returned back to the original ancestral lineage. Plays in prisoners were freed. Things were restored and almost reset.

This is why it matters, the Year of Jubilee shows us that everything we have is a gift from God. Oliver work Oliver striving all of these things all the rewards we have are God’s gifts to us. If you have been wise and smart and diligent and worked hard,  Remember your intellect your work ethic, and your health we’re all God’s gift to you. Every good gift we have come from God above. The Year of Jubilee resets things in the community and reminds us that everything, everything flows from God.

 That is what this passage is referring to when it talks Of The Year of the Lord’s favor. The Year of Jubilee. This year supposed to remind the people but all things are God’s gift to us. That’s an important reminder for us as well today. We need to be reminded, especially this Christmas season, but everything we have that is good and worthwhile is God’s gift to us. Let us not rely so much upon our own strength our own might or own into it, but just remember that all things come from God. That is Jubilee.

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