Luke 4: 16-22 – Prophets and Jesus

Click here to watch my video reflection on our text for today, or keep reading for my written reflections: 

This week we are looking at Luke 4: 16-21.  In our passage today, Jesus reads from the prophet Isaiah.  Today I want to talk about who the prophets were and how they related to Jesus. We often think of prophets as individuals that tell the future. And we’re going to talk about that in a moment and how that relates to the birth of Jesus. But remember the main job of the Prophet was simply to speak the word that the lord has laid upon them. In many ways that’s exactly what Jesus is doing in the passes today, he is speaking the word that the Lord has laid upon him. For most of the Old Testament prophets, their main messages were about how the people treated the poor, and their continuous idolatry.

That said, many prophets do have visions of the future. And many of these visions do relate to Jesus. This past Sunday in our Drive-in church, we sang familiar carols in red scriptural passages that related to Jesus, and many of those were from the Old Testament. Properties of a virgin being with child, and Isaiah’s famous suffering servant passages which talk of how one would have upon them and sends of us all. These are prophecies that are fulfilled in Jesus. Today Jesus reads this Prophecy from Isaiah and says that this prophecy has now been fulfilled in Jesus.

This is important for us to understand, we can’t fully understand Jesus is life and his ministry, apart from the Old Testament. Not only did it shape him but he fulfilled much of the prophecies and teachings we find therein.  

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