Friday Reflections – December 4, 2020 – Luke 1: 46-56 – Our Song

This week we are looking deeper at the Magnificat Mary song of praise in Luke 46-56.

Today I want to talk about what we see happening here with Mary. After she’s received this gift of confirmation she responds with worship to God. I want to talk today about what worship is.

The first thing I want to do when talking about worship is to ask a question. Who is the audience of worship? Are we the audience of worship? Or is God the audience of worship? In other words, who is being worshipped? When we think about worship will we act to come to find out is that we are not the audience, we are the participants? We are not being worshipped, we are giving worship. We are not the ones receiving during worship, we are the ones giving during worship.

We have gotten this backward in many ways. We have made worship about us, not about God. Worship is not about our likes or our preferences or about our desires. Worship is about us coming together and giving God praise and thanks. This is a great challenge even the greatest of days, but during these days of online church, it becomes quite hard but ’cause if we’re not careful we treat worship like watching any television show. Worship should engage us to lift up our thanks and praise to God. Worship is not a passive thing it is an active thing period in many ways worship is a verb. Worship is something that we do. So in that line of thought, we can very easily worship God at home while streaming on our phones our televisions. Worship is something we do and we can do it wherever we find ourselves. But we need to always be mindful that worship is not something that we receive, but worship is something that we do.

That means that today you and I can worship. Even though it’s not Sunday, and even though we’re not going to church. We can worship, by allowing this devotional and the scripture that we read to lift up our hearts towards God and thank him for all that he has done.  but it’s more than just that, it’s us recognizing who he is. God is worthy of our worship not because of what he is done, he is worthy of our worship because of who he is. Our life should be an act of worship and thanksgiving to God for his goodness, his mercy, and his steadfast love. Just as Mary worships God today in this passage, so should we worship God today and each day.

Today, how will you and I worship God? 

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