Wednesday Reflections – Hosea 14: 1-9 – The World in Front of the Text

Today we continue looking at Hosea 14. today we’re going to look at the world in front of the text, what does this passage mean to us today.

 For me when I look at this passage I come back to what we see in verse 3 where the people are told to confess that two things will not save them that they have come to trust in. They are told to confess to God that Assyria will not be the means of their salvation, and neither will the work of their hands. Their salvation and their safety will not come from either things within the world, nor will it come from their own abilities. Their safety will come from God and God Alone.

The people or having to repent because they have turned from God. They have come to find their safety, security, and identity in something other than God.  Because of that, they have fallen into sin and have fallen away from God.  Their repentance is 4 actions such as worshipping idols, but that action started when the people took their heart away from God and place their trust in human or man-made things.  

 for us today, especially in the context we find ourselves in, it is an important question for us to ponder, where do we find our salvation. Where do we find Our Hope? What do we find our security? Over and over and over in scripture, the people of God faced trials and troubles. So often in these times of trial, they would turn 2 human things for their protection, our security, and over and over in scripture, God condemns this action. God desires that we rely solely upon him for our safety security in Salvation.

So the question for us today is where is Our Hope? Where’s our trust? Where is our security? Are we trusting in the things of God? Or are we trusting in human power? Only God is the source of our security. Today as we draw close to Thanksgiving and we reflect upon all that we have to be thankful for and let us be mindful of the fact that God is the author of our salvation and the author of our lives. and let us be quick to turn to him for help in times of trial. may God be our first option never our last.

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