Friday Reflections – November 13, 2020 – Psalm 90 – Number our Days

This week we are looking closely at Psalm 90.  Yesterday we talked about not wasting our life.  Today I want to talk about our passions.  

As I’ve grown a bit older, I’ve begun to think about the brevity of life. I think a lot now about how when I was in my mid-20s, late 20s, early 30s.  I’ve seen some Facebook memes that say if you could go back and tell your younger self one thing what would you go back and tell yourself and if I could go back in time and tell the 25-year-old Andy or 30-year-old Andy or even 35-year-old Andy what would I tell him I told him to calm down and chill out a little bit and enjoy life more.  Not be so stressed about it stressed out about every little thing. But understand that the thing that I was stressed about or the thing that gave me anxieties and worries and fears. And a lot of eternity really wasn’t much.

It wasn’t as big a deal as I was making it out to be.

I spent a lot of time when I was younger worried about things that really in life eternity are not even worthy of worry. And I hope as I’ve gotten older, and as you’ve come to now you know me, I’m a pretty passionate person. I get fired up by a lot. But I hope that my passion is reserved for things that are actually worthwhile. And not for things that aren’t. I want to reserve my passionate things that really matter like the gospel.

Today, honestly, if we’re gonna be honest, that thing that you’re worried about, what does it matter in the light of eternity?

What does it matter in the light of God’s kingdom? What does it matter in the light of God’s world?  

Most of what we spend our passions on are not truly eternal.  And frankly, aren’t really worthy of our passion. 

I look back at how often my life I spent my time on things that didn’t matter.

I talked yesterday about not wasting your life Well, in many ways to not waste your life is sometimes not about doing more. Sometimes doing less is the key.  Mama used to always say, if the devil can make you bad, he’ll make you busy. So sometimes in our life, we get so busy with things that don’t really even matter that we don’t have the time, or the energy or the want to, to spend time on what really matters. Oh Lord, teach me to number my days. Teach me to understand that this moment is fleeting, that it’ll be gone. And if I only have so much time and so much energy and so much passion, and so much ability to use that on something that is worthwhile.

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