Thursday Reflections – November 12, 2020 – Psalm 90 – The World in Front of the Text

This week we are looking closely at Psalm 90.  Today we are looking at the world in front of the text. What does this passage me for me and you as we live our lives?  The key to understating this Psalm to me is verse 12 – teach us to number our days.  I think this is a  call for us to not waste our lives.   

One of my favorite Christian musicians is an artist by the name of Lecrae. And he has an old song called Don’t waste your life. And it talks about all the ways that we can waste our lives. We’ve been given this precious gift of life.  We don’t want to waste it. We have been given something so precious, and so amazing. Think about what a miracle it is just to be alive.  What a miracle it is to be able to see.  To hear.  To breath. Think about all that had to take place for you to be able to read and understand these worlds. All that had to take place for me to be able to type them. 

What a gift it is to live.

And I think when we number our days when we remember how brief our life is.  It can drive us to realize that each day each hour each minute, each second is a precious gift. 

You have been given life. You’ve been given this moment you’ve been given this day. How often do you wake up into our wake up and then go about another day, not realizing the miraculous gift this day is. 

But you’ve been given this life.

Don’t take it for granted. Teach us to number our days, Oh, God, teach us to understand how brief this life is. Teach us to understand how brief this moment is, how fleeting these things are, and teach us to focus on what really matters. what really counts. That’s it. To me, that’s, that’s what the Psalm is about.

I want to ask you, how are you going to use this gift that you’ve been given today? How are you going to use this gift that you’ve been given in some way? The Bible tells us that the great command is to love God and love our neighbor, as we love ourselves, to love God with all that we are and love our neighbor, though we are to serve God and serve neighbor. That is our call in our command. And this life has a way of turning this inward. To worry about our stuff and our fear and our doubts and our desires. That is what life does to us. Life kind of corrupts us and makes us turn inward. The call of the gospel, the call of Scripture is always to look outward, to look outward, to live outward. How are we living outward?

How are we serving God? How are we serving others? That’s the key I think, to living that life.  Boldly and fully, not wasting it.  It is live a life that is looking outward, not inward. 

So today, how you do that? How will you turn outward? How will you turn outward and seek to serve God all that you are and serve your name with all that you are? Are you choose to turn inward and serve yourself that in many ways the choice we’re making today: looking outward or looking inward.  The key to not wasting our life is to look outward, not inward.

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