Thursday Reflections – November 5, 2020 – Joshua 24: 1-3, 14-25- The World in Front of the Text

This week we are looking at Joshua 24: 1-3, 14-25.  Today we are looking at the world in front of the text.  What does this passage mean to me in you today, in our lives here in  November 2020?  

This is such an interesting call of Joshua to the people to choose to serve the gods of their neighbors or choose to serve God, the Lord God. And I think for us, we face the same choice. 

And you might say, Andy, that’s, that’s an interesting thing to say because we live in Mississippi, many of us live in the buckle Bible Belt.  Our neighbors are Christian. Most of us profess the name of Christ.  But our challenge is much the same. It is about our true faith.  

Faith is what defines us. What is it? What is it in our life, that gives us meaning, and gives us purpose? I know most of us are Christian. So if we ask what defines us, we’re going say, Jesus, because that’s, that’s the right answer.   Jesus gives us meaning, Jesus defines us. And that’s true. Jesus does define us.  Or at least He should. But, if you are being truly honest, what is it that gives us meaning?  

What really defines us?

What gives us value?

Is it Jesus?

Is it our bank account?

Is it the success of our children?

Is it our sports teams?

Is it our activities?

Is it our homes?

Our work

What defines you?

Whatever it is, in your life, that ultimately defines you is that the thing is the thing that we’re really worshiping. There are a lot of things in my life that I dearly love, I love my family with all that I am. I like to tinker with technology. I love music. There’s a lot of things about life, that I really love that then add value to my life, that these things add value, they make my life better and more enjoyable, 

But they don’t define me.

My faith in Jesus defines me, above all else. That’s where my life is found. Not in my hobbies. Not in my religious life, even, not even in my family. But my life above all else is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has to be the thing in our life, that gives us purpose. And that gives us meaning.

Life is only found when Jesus Christ is in the center of our life.

So today for me, we can choose to serve the gods of our neighbors and serve the gods of this culture, or we can choose to serve Jesus.  

That’s the pivotal choice.

The pivotal decision that we make.

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