Revelation 7: 7-19 – Become the Person

Today we finish out our week with Revelation 7: 7-19.  This is the week of All Saints’ Day, and today I want to leave us with a challenge.  

As we approach this day where we remember those who have gone before, what do we remember about them? Do we remember their stuff?  Their possessions?  Their fame?  And of these things?  

No, we remember relationships and time spent. We remember laughter and tears and walks on the beach. We remember the simple, beautiful things. We mostly, at least me, remember time spent with them.  We remember these things. 

Are we living our lives in a way that will cause those who come after us to remember us that same way? What will they say about us when we are gone? What will they say about us after we have drawn our last breath?  What will our story be? How will we be remembered?  

Let’s make sure today, and each day, that we are spending our time, our resources, our talent in the ways that we long to be remembered for. So, that when our names are called on All Saints’ Day the memories will those of beautiful joy. 

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