Revelation 7: 7-19 – The World in Front of the Text

This week we have been looking at  Revelation 7: 7-19 in conjunction with All Saints’ Day. Today we’ll look at what this passage means for us in the living of our lives. 

I think this passage, like all of Revelation, is a call for us to let go of our worries and fears from this moment and understand this beautiful truth. God has this. These saints who suffered upon the earth and who have died now have achieved that perfect rest and that perfect peace. The things of this earth do not measure up to the fullness of God and His glory. The suffering that they endured upon the earth cannot compare to the goodness of God. 

We have to keep that eternal perspective. What do the sufferings, worries, and troubles of this matter in the light of eternity? How can they compare to the fullness of Gods’ glory? The sufferings of this moment fade in the light of glory.  

For our loved ones who have passed, as much as we miss them, we know that they are with the Lord.  We grieve not for them, but we grieve for ourselves. This passage shows us that they are fully alive.  We grieve because we miss them.  Our lives are sadder and more dreary without them.  We do not grieve for them.  We miss them.  We grieve for our lives now. 

This passage helps us to remember the truth of where they are and why we should have faith, even in our sadness. God’s grace is big enough for them, as well as for us.  

May we be comforted by the knowledge that those who die in the Lord will reign with Him for all eternity.  And we too, long to join them.  

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