Revelation 7: 7-19 – The World of the Text

This week we will be looking deeper at Revelation 7: 7-19.  We are preparing to honor our saints this Sunday at St. Matthew’s.  One of the suggested passages for this Sunday is this one from Revelation.  Yesterday we talked about what is happening behind the scenes of this passage.  Today, let’s look at what is happening on the actual page. 

This paints a picture of what heaven is going to look like. We see that it is going to be an eternity of worship.  We see the saints gathered around the throne, worshiping, giving praise and honor to God. We see that this beautiful picture of the church triumphant is a church that is made up of all who believe, all Christians from all over the world, coming together in praise to Jesus. 

We see lots of references to elders, living creatures, all kinds of things in Revelation. Remember what we said earlier about Revelation being written in code. All of these things have specific meaning to the first hearers of this passage, but the main takeaway is this, all of creation, all people, everything that is will be working the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. 

We see in this eternity, there will be no more tears, no more scorching sun, no more hunger, or thirst, but God will take care of them. All the struggles of this life will be over, and now the saints will worship forever. 

Those who we love have crossed over into this paradise. They worship the Lamb of God, with no more of the struggles we have here.  They have entered into that perfect rest, perfect worship. We remember the saints. But we celebrate their new life. 

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