Revelation 7: 7-19 – All Saints’ Day?

This week we will be looking deeper at Revelation 7: 7-19.  This coming Sunday at St. Matthew’s (and at many churches across the world), we will take a moment to remember and honor those saints who have gone before us. It’s a powerful moment, a chance for us to remember.  This day is All Saints’ Day.

All Saints’ Day dates back to at least the 7th century and is a day that is of great importance to many Christians.  One of the beliefs that we confess in the Creeds is the doctrine of the Communion of Saints.  We as Christians believe that we who are living (the church militant) have communion and a connection with those in heaven (the church triumphant).  Hebrews talks about it in chapter 12 that great cloud of witnesses cheering us on. 

I think the old hymn The Church’s One Foundation lays this out really nicely: 

Yet she on earth hath union

with the God the Three in One,

and mystic sweet communion

with those whose rest is won:

O happy ones and holy!

Lord, give us grace that we,

like them, the meek and lowly,

on high may dwell with thee.

We know that these saints of old have crossed over Jodan’s banks and have heard well done, good and faithful servant. We know they wait for us on the other side.  We know that one day we will join this.  In this week, and especially this Sunday, we take time to remember them. To thank the Lord for them. And to all ponder how we who remain can live in their legacy.  

This week we’ll be looking at this beautiful passage from Revelation that paints that picture of heaven for us.  

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