1 Corinthians 12: 12-26 – The World Behind the Text

This week in our Rooted in Christ, we are going to continue in a path of that we started last week, look at finding our role in the church.  Last week we talk about the vine and branches.  This week we will be looking at 1 Corinthians 12: 12-26.  We will be talking about spiritual gifts.  

Today we’ll be talking about what is happening in the church in Corinth.  What we find there is this, there is much conflict in this church. We see it in the beginning of the book with the members arguing over who their favorite preacher was; to later in the book with them unsure about how to handle conflict in the church, to what we see here with Spiritual Gifts. 

These gifts are given so that every person in the church will have something to contribute to the body. The body needs each of these gifts, no gift is better than the other gifts. They may look more important to us as humans, but that simply isn’t true.  Every great is important, every gift matters, and every gift should be used for the same purpose.  

But these gifts have become a point of division in the church. They are ranking them; which is greater, which matters more which should be lifted up.  Paul is saying that is not how this works, and if anything, the gifts that are seen as “lesser” are actually more important. Things work differently in the kingdom of God. 

Paul is trying to help this church move past their divisions over every little thing and focus on what truly matters, the power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  Their divisions were destroying what God was trying to do in their midst.  Paul was trying to point them back to what matters.  

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