John 15: 10-17 – Finding Your Place

This week in our daily readings, we are going to be looking at John 15: 10-17.  We see that we remain in Jesus and find our lives and we find our place.  This week in worship at St. Matthew’s we are talking about the laity and how it all fits together.  

Here’s the deal. You’ve got a place in Jesus’ kingdom.  You’ve got a place in the church.  You need that place, your service to the kingdom through the church will bless you. It really will.  It will help your faith grown, it will develop you in amazing ways.  It truly will.  

But here’ the other thing.  The church needs you.  Not to perform a task, no.  The church needs your spirit.  Your heart. Your personality.  All that you are.  See, the church is the people.  And you are part of that. 

You (and I) are lesser without our commitment to the church. 

The church is lesser without you are I as well. 

We need the church.  But, just as important, the church needs you.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can find your place at St. Matthew’s or whatever church you are a part of.  Email me at  I’d love to talk with you about it. 

If you’d like to get each day’s daily scripture reading sent to your phone along with this reading guide, text @39110 to 81010 to sign up!

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