John 15: 10-17 – World in Front of the Text

This week in our daily readings, we are going to be looking at John 15: 10-17.   We are looking at the role of the Laity in our church this week.  We will be seeing all the ways that our Laity leads our church and all the church. This week we are looking deeper at this passage showing our need to remain in Jesus. 

To me, this passage has two things we need really think about. First, and foremost, is remaining in Jesus.  That is truly our most important task.  We need to make sure each day that we are focusing first and foremost on our faith.  

This calls us to attend to the disciplines of our church.  We pray. We read.  We fast.  We serve.  We receive communion.  We surround ourselves with those who make us more faithful. We pay attention to these things. They become sacred to us. For in these things we bind ourselves to Jesus. We remind in Jesus. That’s the only path the life.  

Second, if we are remaining in Jesus, if we are truly in Him, we’ll pay attention to His commands. We’ll keep them. We’ll focus on them. We’ll make them our goal above all else in our lives. 

What is that command?  Love each other. He tells us to do this, much like the priest was commanded to keep the covenant of God. So are we called to keep this command and this covenant.  Love.  

If we remain in Him, we will do just that.  

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