John 15: 10-17 – The Role of Laity

This week in our daily readings, we are going to be looking at John 15: 10-17.  This coming Sunday in worship at St. Matthew’s, we will be celebrating Laity Sunday.  In this service, the laypeople of our church will be leading in many of the normal tasks of worship within our church.  This week’s passage will look more deeply at the role that each of us plays within the church.  Today, I’d like to reflect on the role of laypeople (non-preachers) in the life of the church.  

One of the bedrock beliefs of the Protestant movement (and churches) is something called the priesthood of all believers.  What this means is that every Christian has access to the Holy Spirit on their own, they don’t have to go through me, or any preacher.  You can go to God, through the power of the Spirit, apart from me, or any other preacher.  

The laity make the church. The laity are the bedrock of the church regarding service, mission, evangelism, everything.  The laity invite, care, shape, do so much of the church. 

The church cannot exist without the laity. And we will see through this passage today that the laity cannot be faithful to their mission apart from the power of Jesus. It is his strength that makes it all possible.  It is his strength that allows us to be faithful. 

It’s all through Him. For me as a preacher and for all the lay folks who serve. That’s what makes it possible.  

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