Joshua 2: 1-21 – God’s Eyes

God’s Eyes

Today is our last look at  Joshua 2: 1-21, Rahab and her faith in God.  

Today, I want to talk about who God uses.  Rahab would not be the typical person who God uses. That’s what we tell ourselves. But you know what?  That’s not right.  She is exactly who God uses. 

Jacob – you know his story 

Moses – murderer 

David – murderer, and adulterer 

Matthew – a tax collector 

Paul – murderer, and blasphemer (his words, no mine!) 

These are just a few of the people who God uses. By that logic, Rahab is one of the more morally upstanding persons God uses.  God sees us for who we are, not a collection of our mistakes, or a list of failures.  He sees us individuals for who Christ died and who He wants to use for great things.  

He sees us through His eyes.  Today, as the followers of Jesus, do we do the same?  Do we see ourselves through God’s eyes?  Do we see others through God’s eyes?  

Rahab and all of the scripture teach us to never discount another person.  May we live that lesson out with our lives.  

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