Joshua 2: 1-21 – The World in Front of the Text

This week we are looking deeper at Joshua 2: 1-21, specifically at Rahab and her faithfulness to God and to His people.  Today we’ll look deeper at the world in front of the text. What can this passage teach us about our life and our faith? 

When we get to Rahab, it is so easy to look at this through the lens of, “hey God can use anyone!”  Which is true. And He can.  And we’ll talk more about that tomorrow. But as I read this passage, you know what I kept coming back to?  Rahab did something.  

When we see the text, she was 100% certain that God had given the Land to the Israelites.  It was, for, a certainty.  So, she did the right thing. She acted.  She had faith, yes.  She believed, yes.  This was a real truth for her, yes. But what did she do? 

She did something.  She hid the spies.  She protected them.  She looked out for them, at was potential great harm to herself and her family. But, for her, not acting was the real harm.  If she had not acted, if she had not done this, she knew the land was theirs, and in not helping them, she was exposing herself and her family to danger.  She knew that whatever trouble she faced in that moment was less than the danger or not following through with her faith. 

Today, we have faith, right?  We believe.  We trust.  But do we act?  Do we step on the ledge?  Do we love? Do we serve?  Do we risk the scorn of our neighbors?  Are will valuing what they think over what God thinks?  Rahab’s faith led her to action, real, tangible actions that made a difference for God. 

What about us? Does our faith lead us to real, tangible action?  That’s what faith does. Rahab had it. Do we? 

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