Joshua 2: 1-21 – Background

This week as we continue looking at the heroes of the faith as laid out in Hebrews 11.  This week we are going to be looking deeper at Josuah 2: 1-21, and the story of Rahab.  Before we look at the text in the coming days, let’s take a moment and look at the background leading us to this point. 

Last week we talked about Moses.  From Mt. Sinai things did not go well.  The Israelites rebelled against God’s plan for them to go into the Promised Land, and because of that, they wandered in the desert for forty years. Eventually, each of the original generation, along with Moses dies in the desert.  After Moses passes, Joshua is the leader of the people. There is a powerful scene in Josuah 1 where God comes to Joshua repeatedly tells him, do not be afraid, for God was with him.  From there Joshua takes command.  

After having failed once to take the promised land, Joshua, who was once a spy himself, sends spies over to look and gather information as the people prepare to invade.  

That is where this text picks up. 

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