Genesis 50: 15-21 – World of the Text

This week we are going to look at the end of Joseph’s story and the relationship he has with his brothers in Genesis 50: 15-21. Today we are going to take a moment and look at the words that are actually on the page.

When you look at the Hebrew of this passage, you see two types of emotion, and I think this translates into the English as well.  We see the brothers, anxious about what Joseph will do to them.  Their anxiety drips off the page. They know they have done wrong, and if Joseph wants to get back at them, they know there is nothing that they can do to stop it.  You feel their worry and the Hebrew shows it.

Then you contrast that with Joseph. There is no anxiety or worry with him.  He is at peace.  While, yes, he went through a great deal when he was younger, he has now arrived at a safer place.  He is in power, he has control.  He no longer has to fear his brothers or be afraid of what they may do to him.  He is no longer angry, he has let go of it.  He has released it.  The text shows that he is at peace.

Two emotions felt, anxiety, and fear from the brother, peace from Joseph.  What is the difference?  One has given this situation completely over to God, one is still living in fear.

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