Genesis 50: 15-21 – World in Front of the Text

This week we are going to look at the end of Joseph’s story and the relationship he has with his brothers in Genesis 50: 15-21. Today we’ll look at what this text can mean to us today in the living our lives.

This passage is one of the great passages in scripture that talk about God’s Providence.  We see here in this passage that God is guiding all of this.  How does this work within human free will?  Great question and we’ll talk a little more about that tomorrow.  But what our big take away is from this is – God is at work in all things. What the brothers really and truly intended for evil and harm (selling their brother in slavery, after throwing him into a well) was the very thing that God used to make a way for the survival of his people when the famine came.

And just as one day the people of Israel escaped to Egypt to find safety, one day the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus would flee to Egypt for safety from Herrod. And in the same way that the people of Israel would come into the Promised Land after their season in Egypt, so too would Jesus came up from that same place, into the Promised Land, to free you, me, and everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus.

This passage teaches the truth, God is at work in all things.  All things.  He is bringing forth His will and His plan.  When it doesn’t make sense, when we don’t understand, when we are like Joseph, in a well.  Or a slave.  Or in prison.  Or wherever we find ourselves, trust. God is at work.  He will bring forth all things for good.

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