Genesis 50: 15-21 – Backstory

This week we are going to look at the end of Joseph’s story and the relationship he has with his brothers in Genesis 50: 15-21.  But you may be asking yourself, well, who is Joseph?  What do he and his brothers have to so do with anything?  How did we get here?  Before we get to the deeper looks at Scripture, let’s take a few minutes and look at the backstory that has brought us to this place.

Last week we finished up with Issac, Jacob, and Esau.  Jacob tricked his brother and soon thereafter, ran for his safety.  He eventually settled and worked for Laban, who tricked him into marrying his daughter Leaha (see the irony), and then eventually he married his love Rachel.  From there, his story was like his father before him and grandfather Abraham, the story of barrenness (remember in scripture this shows that God is the one who grants life.

He then has his life-changing encounter with God, where he wrestled with God throughout the night and is forever changed and his named changed as well.  From there he reconciled with Esau.  Jacob, through his wives, had 12 sons (along with daughters).  Joseph grew to be respected by his brothers was eventually sold in slavery by his brothers.  From there he had a good position until he was falsely thrown into prison.  Eventually, his gift for interesting dreams allowed him to rise to the right hand of Pharoah.  Egypt was going to go through a severe season of famine and through his leadership, they survived and were able to help others.

Now, the very brothers who sold him into slavery have come to him, not knowing it was, him, and asked for help. After testing them, he eventually reveals himself, and they reconciled. But Jacob dies and the brothers are afraid, will Joseph punish them.  He tells them what is at the heart of this passage. Yes, their actions were meant to harm him. But God used these actions to save His people.

God made a way, through layers of human disobedience and sin, to save His people. Thes story of the Old Testament, and many ways, scripture, is how God makes a way to save His people.

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